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Meeting on Proposed Plastic Bag Ban

 There will be a special Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday, March 19 at 7pm at the Auburn Town Office (4 Central Street), for the specific purpose of taking public comment and input regarding a potential ban on the use of plastic bags by retailers in the Town of Auburn. The below statement will be read at that meeting and will constitute the official stance of the Auburn Chamber Board on the matter. We encourage you to join the Board at this meeting and to provide any additional thoughts and comments as they relate to your business and the impact a plastic bag ban will have on you and your employees.

“The Auburn Chamber of Commerce wishes to express its strong concern with the proposal of a plastic bag ban and the costs and unanticipated consequences this will bring onto retail businesses in the Town of Auburn. While we can understand the desire to reduce litter in our community, a policy that would place local, family-owned businesses at a competitive disadvantage when competing against similar retailers in neighboring communities, as well as online sellers, is not the manner in which to address the problem. With costs increasing on multiple fronts – healthcare, wages, insurance, to name a few – there is only so much a retailer can pass along to the customer before the consumer feels the effects as well. However, the Board of Directors does recognize that Auburn is a green community and the issue of litter to be a serious environmental issue and would pledge its support to working with the Town Administration to increase availability for recycling of plastic bags and would support the Town’s efforts to educate the citizenry to the proper disposal of these bags so that they do not end up in our landfills for years to come or, worse, polluting our waterways and environment.”